InDesign Conference 2016

The InDesign Conference in D.C. provides insight into the creative, collaborative process

I’ve just returned from The InDesign Conference 2016, a chance for 450 InDesign users to learn anything and everything about InDesign, collaboration, workflow, automation and great design.

This is a conference I look forward to each year as a chance to talk to users and learn how they use InDesign and what challenges they face in doing it. The topics ranged from Ben Schott’s keynote about how he approaches the design of his books, which are quite unique and aesthetically engaging, and beginner sessions like Chad Chelius’ Introduction to InCopy to advanced subjects like using GREP to supercharge your workflow and troubleshooting corrupt InDesign documents. It was also a chance to interact with the Adobe InDesign product team to learn more about what they’re doing to extend and advance the product.

Hosted outside of Washington, DC, the conference had speakers and attendees from around the globe including creatives working across the spectrum of industries (government, corporate, non-profit, association, agency and education), yet the desire to be more efficient was universal. As the head of MEI’s product management group, I greatly appreciated the opportunity to learn more about how people use InDesign and which features they love and the ones they could do without. It was clear from conversations that the most challenging aspect is interacting with non-InDesign users which are feeders into and reviews of the work the InDesign user is doing. This kind of feedback is what drives MEI’s product development allowing us to focus on the most important features for TruEdit.

While this was a conference about InDesign, topics like “Make your Layouts Come Alive with Interactivity…” and a full-day tutorial on Digital Publishing options led by Keith Gilbert clearly show an increasing focus on publishing beyond print that has been a focus of the Creative Publishing Network’s other conference, Pepcon.

I return back to MEI HQ reinvigorated with some great ideas to help improve the publishing process for InDesign users and looking forward to the CPN conferences, in May 2017. Will I see you there?