vjoon K4 Storage Engine

Cross-Media Publishing Platform

Cross-Media Publishing Platform


InCopy and InDesign fully integrated in a powerful, easy-to-use relational database system.

Parallel, collaborative workflow for writers and editors in InCopy and designers in InDesign.

Secure user login and logout; user permissions control access to files, metadata and tasks.

Accommodates virtually any input file — layouts, text, images of all types, ads, audio/video, Word manuscripts, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoints — and their templates.

Integrates cross-media workflows, with an unlimited number of output channels to suit any publishing need, including print, Web, mobile, tablet, syndication and translation.

Seamlessly links with Web content management systems such as Drupal, generating HTML, XML and other electronic formats as needed.

DPS Connector streamlines creating tablet apps with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Integral K4 Web Portal provides easy browser connection to database for remote users. Plug-ins allow users to edit a variety of file types, including InCopy and HTML.

Browser-based production oversight with K4 Overview™. Automatic version control and history of files and metadata.

Unique workflows can be defined for each output channel, and can include one or more channels for each file type.

Unlimited unique workflows to support multiple task and status requirements.

Browser-based graphical workflow editor for creating and managing workflows.

Configurable dependencies between objects: For example, a layout workflow could prevent pages from moving to final status until all their contents are complete.

Web-based administration of multiple publications with single login.

Multi-level wizards to create issues, users and permission categories as well as to define workflows and tasks.

Workflow controls explicitly tell each user what to do at each step.

Simultaneous assignment of individual text objects and metadata fields. Multiple users can edit content and metadata simultaneously.

Database querying tools let users find what they need when they need it.

Automatic notification for users when layout, text or images have changed.

Scalable for workgroups smaller than 15 users to those with several hundred.

Supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL and MySQL database platforms and runs on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux operating systems.

Support for Mac and Windows clients in mixed-platform environments.

Built-in Adobe InDesign Server takes load off system for automatic generation of page previews, PDFs for review, hi-res output and automations.

AppleScript, JavaScript and Visual Basic support.

Open APIs and a comprehensive K4 Software Development Kit (SDK).