vjoon K4 Storage Engine

Cross-Media Publishing Platform

Cross-Media Publishing Platform

The vjoon K4 Advantage

Whether you’re installing from scratch or upgrading an older version, there’s never been a better time to make the move to the vjoon K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform. From everyday end-users to behind-the-scenes administrators, your entire editorial team will see an increase in efficiency and productivity.

Approval management made easy

Speed up production using an easy approval management process

Enable executives, marketing directors, purchasers and the like to review layouts and content to determine if they meet specifications and their expectations. They can make their verdict known in a flash – a simple mouse-click is all it takes to give their go or no-go. This makes it so much easier to coordinate with agencies and service providers and handle content across departmental and company lines. It accelerates approvals and gets feedback that much faster, thereby saving time and cutting costs.

Any content, any channel

With the vjoon K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform, you can manage all your content, regardless of where it started and where it’s going to be published, securely and transparently. The system is capable of handling virtually any file type – not just Adobe InDesign layouts and Adobe InCopy articles, but HTML, Word documents, image files, rich media, PDFs, XML, Excel files and PowerPoint, as well as their templates.

Then, K4 allows content to be directed to as many output channels as needed – print, Web, tablet, mobile, e-reader, social network, syndication, multiple languages. The K4 XML Exporter converts InCopy articles for websites, archives and other digital purposes. The AEM Mobile Connector automates K4 integration with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, the emerging standard for tablet app production.

Task-based workflow

K4’s task-based workflow provides both simplicity for users and as much detail as needed for complex multi-channel outcomes. At each stage of the work, users double-click on the tasks assigned to them to open whatever they need to do the job – a text file to edit, metadata fields to complete, image links to fill in.

Once a task is finished, subsequent steps in the object’s workflow become available; K4 automatically routes the object to the correct person or team. And with emergency or Control tasks, users with sufficient privileges can diverge from the routine when necessary.

K4 query panels make it easy for users to seek out specific articles, layouts or objects to handle. Query panel filter options speed searches.


K4’s sophisticated workflow design options provide plenty of opportunties to configure the system to run essential or repetitive tasks automatically, saving time and reducing errors. In addition, the K4 External Task Dispatcher provides a powerful automation tool for linking to external systems.

Work remotely

K4 extends the editing process with the K4 Web Portal, which makes it practical for off-site users to compose and edit right in the workflow. After logging in via a URL, Web Portal users can query the database and access tasks, content and the tool sets they need based on their permissions. File-tracking, versioning and other K4 database functions are maintained.

The Web Portal’s K4 File Manager lets users access any K4-managed non- InCopy/InDesign objects — Word docs, PDFs, image files, animations — and open them for editing in their native applications. K4 Web Editor HTML allows direct-to-Web CMS authoring as HTML Snippets; K4 Web Editor ICML provides WYSIWYG editing of InCopy files. Web Editor ICML users even have the ability to switch geometry and see different layouts — such as a tablet layout versus a print layout — just as if they were looking at them in InDesign.

Web-based access for updates

K4 Overview Advanced, an add-on that allows authenticated users to review pages from any Web browser, brings supervising editors and other managers directly into the workflow. Overview Advanced users can review layouts, tablet stacks, articles or other K4 objects and launch InDesign or InCopy to make edits by simply right-clicking a page image in the Overview browser.

Sticky notes

It’s a thought. It’s a live chat. It’s a K4 Sticky Note! Slap a comment anywhere on an InCopy or InDesign file— even a read-only file, or from the K4 Overview interface. Anyone else who reviews the file can read the note, and respond within the note as well.

Under the hood

K4 supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL and MySQL database platforms and runs on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux operating systems. One K4 database server can handle multiple titles and workgroups, or several K4 servers can be configured to manage all publications across an enterprise.

It’s easy to distribute content from a single K4 system across more than one server, which is particularly useful if you want to manage several publications with unique databases. This feature also improves your ability to make backup or recovery servers part of the workflow.