vjoon K4 Storage Engine

Cross-Media Publishing Platform

Cross-Media Publishing Platform


MEI, K4 developer vjoon and a number of third-party developers are always working on modules and add-on products to improve the K4 user experience and increase K4 functionality. Contact MEI to find out how these products can enhance your operation.

K4 File Manager

Manage pictures, ads, multimedia and other non-InCopy, non-InDesign files with this plug-in for the K4 Web Portal. K4 File Manager allows remote users to initiate workflows and accept and finish tasks. Files open in their native formats for editing, and revised versions are saved to the K4 database.

K4 Web Editor ICML

K4 Web Editor ICML lets remote users work with InCopy files from the K4 database via the K4 Web Portal without needing K4 client plug-ins or InCopy on their local workstations. In addition to editing tools and a WYSIWYG view, Web Editor provides the ability to add and review inline notes. Revised versions are saved to the K4 database.

K4 Web Editor HTML

The Web Editor HTML plug-in for the K4 Web Portal allows users to capture and edit native content as HTML Snippets. Users can edit the HTML files, as well as uploading text, images and video from K4 to a website for online publishing.

vjoon Notes Manager

Manage Adobe inline notes within your K4 layouts and articles with this panel, which shows all notes for the open layout. Expanded functionality includes sorting and filtering capabilities for note attributes such as author and time of insertion, and easy navigation between panel and text.

vjoon Overset Manager

See at a glance if a layout contains overset; review the overset copy in its own dynamic frame from InCopy or InDesign; include overset frames in printed proof; and get a warning if there is still overset before the document is uploaded to the database. View a panel that lists and locates overset frames and displays information such as length and number of lines.

K4 Overview

Review K4 pages from any Web browser. A password-protected Web interface displays high-resolution JPEG views of InDesign layouts, searchable by query or issue, complete with color cues that signal where they are in the K4 workflow. It’s perfect for supervisors and others who aren’t K4 users but want to browse stories and layouts and keep track of where things stand. Customers can opt for K4 Overview Advanced™, with additional features, including “Prediction Mode,” which shows the pages with all objects updated, even if the designers haven’t saved final versions of their InDesign files.

K4 XML Exporter

Whether it’s for publishing to the Web, archiving, syndication or transfer to a digital asset management system, the K4 XML Exporter provides a cost-effective and standards-compliant means for organizing and exporting individual articles or complete issues to XML directly from the K4 database.


An integrated solution from axaio, MadeToPrint uses status changes as triggers to automate the output of InDesign pages from the K4 system. This allows preflighting, packaging, proofing and PDF generation directly from K4.


This InDesign plug-in from 65bit Software, EasyCatalog integrates with K4 workflows to streamline and automate the creation, production and revision of catalogs.

Integrated Media Planner

IMP from Hipzone brings users together into a centralized system for ideation, assignments, budgeting and rights. Managers can assign work, track project status and generate productivity reports across an enterprise.