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Ad Layout System

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Ad Layout System

Add-on modules for ALS handle complex functions such as zoning and forms.

ALS Editions Module

The Editions Module tracks ads through multiple editions and zones in a single ALS issue, keeping those placements straight while flagging conflicts and providing immediate access to the ads for a particular issue. The Editions Module can make your regional ad placements blend easily with your common ads.

ALS HTML Report Generator Module

This module makes it easy to generate a Web-based report in ALS. Users can create a customized report or select a pre-defined matrix, then export it as ASCII text, XML or HTML for viewing in a browser. The HTML Report Generator can count ads and pages, generate subtotals or totals for section measurements, and much more. Report templates can even be customized to include a company logo or graphics.

ALS Forms Module

Ideal for use by newspapers and magazines with complicated section configurations, the Forms Module automates and manages forms or incremental issue breaks. It allows for quick placement of inserts, new forms or forms templates, and also offers customized folios, deadline alerting and calculation of press setup and running costs.

ALS Sections & Bookings Module

With the Sections & Bookings Module, you can automatically apply editorial requirements as you build the ALS issue. Standard configurations for daily, weekly or monthly editorial space are matched to advertising information, including requested section placement. Imported editorial linage statistics are automatically listed in the Booking Module and used in ad-to-editorial calculations.

ALS StatusWatch and ImageView Module

StatusWatch interacts with a database or management application, such as Baseview’s AdManagerPro, QPS or a front-end order entry system to track advertising and editorial production throughout the publication process. The optional ImageView displays any ad that has a digital file name and path information.