Page Director - Features

Ad Layout System

Page Director - Features

Ad Layout System

Keeps track of color placements, page and section requests, pickups and a host of other requirements.

Supports a wide array of customizable page and issue attributes.

Supports multiple column settings in a single issue.

Controls double-truck placement with user-defined preferences. Accurately exports bleed ads to pagination programs.

With optional modules, manages multiple editions, handles forms and sections and generates reports.

Flows ads automatically, by drag-and-drop, or a combination of both.

Balances editorial requirements with advertising requests.

Manages ad conflicts with both built-in and user-defined conflict rules.

Displays changes to ads and pages in real time.

Works with virtually any electronic order-entry system.

Creates file-path links so ad images are in place during pagination.

Plenty of settings for printing dummies.

Completed issues and pages can be opened in InDesign and QuarkXPress, with ad links, folios and all the other layout information inherited.