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Classified Layout System

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Classified Layout System

Customizable rules-based classified layout — you tell it how to paginate, and it does the work for you every time.

CLS reads ad text, image files and metadata from any order-entry system, builds a runsheet of the classified items, examines liners and display ads against the rules you define and then flows them to pages.

Do it your way — fast!

Most classified pagination systems need your pages to conform to their routines and limitations. CLS lets you define your own layout rules, using its user-configurable pagination engine. Whether your goal is to put premium displays in special positions, automatically insert a squared-off service directory or place special headers according to classification, CLS is smart enough to handle it. It gives you the ultimate combination of control and functionality when planning your classified pages.

Soon you’ll be building your issue in a fraction of the time it took you before.

How it works

CLS is flexible about classification names, so it can speak the same language as your classified business system. It pours the order-entry information into the CLS runsheet, analyzes the liners and display ads against your pagination rules and flows them to pages.

You tell CLS where items start, stop, continue or break; how headers are placed over items and which headers are used; where display items are positioned; and how one type of item influences the placement of other types. You set controls for multi-directional flowing, automatic page-squaring, automatic vertical justification, auto-selection and insertion of fillers and automatic line-ruling.

Classifieds you can count on

CLS can build your entire classified section with a few mouse clicks, including special sections and service directories anywhere on single or multiple pages, with other classifications flowing around them.

The result? Tight, neat classifieds, often in fewer pages, built exactly the way you like.

CLS raises the bar for classified pagination — there’s no other classified layout system available that works like CLS.