Integrated Production Suite

Integrated Production Suite

IPS Engine

At the heart of the Integrated Production Suite is the high-powered database hub through which MEI and third-party tools connect and share data. Order-entry systems feed ad and job data into the database, where they are aggregated and distributed to the other MEI tools.

When connected to the IPS Engine, the other planning, makeup and pagination software products change from standalone tools to collaborative workhorses. Real-time communication and updating between components provide parallel workflows and interaction for sophisticated production groups.

As the hub, the IPS Engine manages the exchange of information among these tools. Security in the form of user authentication, document control and centralized or distributed file storage is managed within the IPS Engine. Additionally, all tracked information is available to the IPS Report Generator, which provides business intelligence on the production process.

Automation Services

Running in unison with the IPS Engine is a toolbox full of automation services. For example, if production is distributed among multiple sites, the automation services dynamically gather the ads on demand from multiple locations and deliver them to the tools that need them.

Page Director ALS

MEI’s flagship product takes on a new dimension of issue- and ad-planning when connected to the IPS Engine. An intuitive IPS interface allows the ALS user to bring an issue and all of its elements to the ALS workspace instantly. If two ALS users need to work on the same issue simultaneously, IPS supports page-level checkout with access to the same runsheet of ads. Collaboration on deadline has never been smoother. And with QuickLink, ALS users can see previews of editorial pages to check for visual conflicts. Read more.


When used within IPS, AdTrac becomes the clearinghouse for all ad-level information, handling workflow, status and materials tracking for all the other tools. AdTrac serves ad previews and makes sure the final ad materials arrive in their proper locations when it’s time for pagination. Read more.


This innovative tool for editors and paginators associates editorial pages in InDesign with ALS issues and ads from the IPS database. QuickLink dynamically updates page content to reflect ad changes in the database so editorial pages always have the right ads in the right place.


AdView gives your advertisers personalized attention through soft-proofing. Advertisers log in over the Web and see digital previews of their ads. With PageView, MEI’s status-review tool, managers, editors and other authorized users can check the status of pages in real time.