Manage Your Content Lifecycle


The creative process can be chaotic. Publishing requires putting structure around that chaos without diminishing its brilliance.


Create a centralized repository of ideas: projects, stories, all things content. Everybody participates. Collect and manage input from across the organization all in one place.

This input can develop into a pitch and move forward. As ideas are refined, stakeholders can approve, hold or withdraw but never lose them.

Editors can then promote pitches to content items that have associated budgets, schedules and assets.


Calendar View of Projects – with Gantt

Use the Gantt view to see how projects of different types intersect on the calendar.



See at a glance what projects have tasks due today, which are on schedule and which are running late.

Tracking content wherever it appears

Easily associate your content with one or more projects across multiple channels and media. Each version of the content can have metadata specific to that project, as well as shared metadata.