Ideate. Enrich. Deliver. Measure.

Plan and track the lifecycle of multi-channel projects across your enterprise


Every piece of content throughout its lifecycle demands attention. Every stakeholder across the entire organization needs access. This requires the ability to catch an idea and then nurture it to its full impact.


A single source of truth

Far too often individual ideas can get lost before they shine. IMP enables an organization to capture important intellectual property whether it becomes a piece of content or gets archived in its early stages for future use. The creative process begins with ideation.

With content development responsibilities no longer confined to individual departments, it’s impossible to have reliable line of sight into who’s doing what. IMP’s cloud-based platform allows you to view projects in progress across the organization and through the lens of an executive or front-line manager.
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Unlock the potential of your ideas

IMP lets you maximize talent across your organization by managing pitches, ideas, stories, and works-in-progress in one place. This way, the policy expert can suggest improvements in a concept before the first draft is even written. The creative team can seize upon the blog post idea and start creating an infographic early in the process instead of only finding out when the post goes live.
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From pitch to publish

While most solutions manage a stage or two of the content lifecycle, most do not extend from the beginning of an idea through its journey into a published story — never mind providing reporting along the way. IMP does.
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Prove the value of your content

It isn’t always easy to calculate the ROI of your content or ideation. IMP comes with robust tools that allow you to analyze, track and report on the internal and external costs of content creation, making it possible to understand your intellectual property’s impact on your bottom line.
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Future-proof your content process

One thing we can all be sure of is that change is coming. New publishing platforms will emerge, new devices will be invented, and new social networks will appear. IMP is a cloud-based system that offers you the flexibility to innovate without disruption to your business.
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