idea A Single Source of Truth


Turn the Idea into an Asset

Ideas are extremely valuable intellectual property and your content is more than just your brand. They need to be organized, tagged, searched, and easily reviewed for their publishing potential. It all needs to originate in one central place—IMP.

Stay on Top of It All

Stay on top of the whole process with real-time GANTT charts showing how each project is progressing (or not) according to its schedule. Access dynamic reports so the folks down stream know what’s coming their way, by department, channel, due dates, team member and more—all customizable to your specific needs.



Executive-level Views

Keep an eye on every project with a high-level “traffic light” calendar view. Know what’s on time, what’s due today and what’s running late, then drill in easily to find the culprits and take action. Throughout the entire lifecycle of content creation you’ve got a clear view of ideation and planning, creative resources and assignments, labor costs, digital rights management, production progress and content delivery.

lock Unlock the Potential of Your Ideas


Unlock the Value

IMP makes it easy for contributors across the organization to react to and enrich content at any stage in the development cycle. While contributors, editors, managers and executives add their comments, opinions and recommendations then relationships are discovered, applications realized, and teams empowered.

Break Down the Silos

By replacing redundant weekly meetings and endless spreadsheets with IMP, everyone can collaborate and comment on content pitches, re-aligning content development to be channel and platform agnostic. Every team in your organization can pitch and plan content ideas across brands and media, with full visibility for everyone.



Curate, Winnow and Nurture

Manage ideas and pitches across brands and media channels like you never could do before. Relate a pitch to a special event, like a major holiday or a conference or an upcoming webinar (IMP can store those, too). Uncover how a good story idea can be used across platforms or across brands. Keep the best pitches moving forward and sideline others.

bulb From Pitch to Publish


Reinvent the Process

IMP lets you restructure your creation process to be content-centric, not product centric – a must in today’s world where teams are increasingly working in multiple media across brands and platforms. You can customize the organization of ideas accordingly, set up your own metadata models to classify story ideas, and build a process for reviewing and managing approvals.

Assign, Schedule, Track and Stay Nimble

Changes to the master schedule are immediately visible to anyone logged in. No emailing updated spreadsheets. Overlay your own pre-defined schedule templates to content items, create assignments for teams or individuals, and manage freelance assignments. If you need to change an item’s due date, all associated task due dates are automatically recalculated. You can even track digital rights and labor costs throughout a project and integrate your accounting system to pay and reimburse contractors.



Build Smart Relationships

Oversee complex relationships between content, projects, departments and platforms with complete visibility while tracking status, task and progress. Manage content items on their own or tie them to one or more projects – like a specific print issue or website or tablet app. Coordinate disparate projects and resolve overlapping and intersecting dates and resource usage.

Integrate the Process

IMP plays well with the work-in-process systems you’re already using. Exchange status information and metadata between managed workflow and IMP. Connect a DAM so you can search for digital assets and associate them to content items.


graph Prove the Value of Your Content


How Long Does it Take? How Much Does it Cost?

IMP allows managers to monitor department progress against budgets. Real-time reporting provides admins with “full cost of issue” information and Get a good view of how your resources are being used so you can make better content assignment decisions.

Don’t wait for the data to migrate into your back-office financial system. C-suite users can track year-to-date spending by department or by assignment.

Reveal the Hidden Insights

What was your pitch promotion success rate? How innovative are you? How much content was created and published? How many ideas languished? You get clear visibility in how content is used, where it is used, and how it can be expanded or repurposed for greater brand penetration.


fluxFuture-Proof Your Content Process


One thing we can all be sure of is that change is constant. New publishing platforms will be hatched, new devices will be invented, and new social networks will appear. IMP is a cloud-based system that offers you the flexibility to innovate without disruption to your business.