ALS for Magazines

Ad Layout System for Magazines

ALS for Magazines

Ad Layout System for Magazines

Easy ad manifest importing from any front-end system, or from a spreadsheet or database.

Robust ad information management, such as color, type, size, zone, product code, market code, and much more.

Creates documents of multiple sizes and page counts.

Easy management of forms and inserts, from the color, size and placement of each signature, to the exact position of each insert.

Cost calculator for monitoring the cost of setup and press runs as forms are added or changed.

Gets ads to pages using automation tools and/or drag-and-drop placement.

Automatic links to file paths for digital ads.

Quick display of unplaced ads and conflict reports.

Editorial planning tools to manage and balance editorial and advertising requirements.

Advanced color support for managing spot, process, and custom issue colors. Easy editioning for placement of zoned ads.

Built-in statistical reports, which can also be exported to spreadsheets or business system.

Completed issues and pages can be opened in InDesign and QuarkXPress.

Accurate automated double-truck and bleed ad placement and export.