An enterprise-wide ad-tracking system that empowers your entire organization — ad builders, production managers, sales reps and paginators.

IPS AdTrac is an easy-to-use solution that manages the entire job-production workflow, from order entry to final pagination. With AdTrac, you’ll realize a quick return on investment and gain control over your ad-production process.

Power-packed database

Far more than a traditional ad-tracking system, AdTrac features an industrial-strength SQL server database, intuitive user and administrator interfaces, extensive automation and a host of practical features to enhance ad creation for your sales force and their customers. Based on client/server architecture combining the IPS Engine and extensible distributed automation, AdTrac scales to meet the needs of publishing enterprises of any size. And AdTrac integrates with existing systems, including virtually any ad-booking program and all popular desktop publishing applications.

Distributed workflow

For customers who need a multi-site enterprise-wide solution, the optional Distributed Workflow Module allows a central IPS Engine database to be shared by several production sites. Each site can maintain its own file server on its local area network for storing jobs and their components and can transfer jobs and components as needed to other sites within the enterprise.

The Distributed Workflow Module helps the IPS Engine manage overflow to balance production loads and offers unparalleled flexibility to support cross-selling and managing ads over multiple sales regions.

Web-based administration

With the Web Administration module (IPS Admin), administrators can configure the system from any workstation, on any platform, using a standard Web browser.

Proof notification

When a proof becomes available, the Proof Notification module can send an email or a fax to the sales rep or customer, containing either the proof itself or a password-protected Web address where the proof can be reviewed. AdTrac users can also mail or fax job files directly from the application.

Automatic collection of digital files

As jobs move through the workflow to a “Done” status, the AutoCollect service routes the print-ready job files to a designated folder on the network for access by paginators.

Keep on track

Staying profitable and competitive becomes more challenging each year. If you’re like most publishers, you’re trying to cut costs and increase efficiency in every area of your business. Wasted time, misplaced ads and expensive make-goods can cost you thousands of dollars. AdTrac offers an enterprise-wide solution that helps your organization control production costs, spot performance bottlenecks and meet deadlines.