Sort and review different groups of jobs, depending on type, status, priority or other customizable data.

Palettes, tool bars, built-in tool tips and drag-and-drop support make it easy to work with jobs and ad files.

All the components for a particular ad, such as graphic, font and text files, are easily visible.

Graphics linked to jobs are automatically added to the database and file server.

Repetitive production tasks, such as EPS and PDF generation, can be automated.

Search engine finds jobs and elements quickly in the database; users can save queries.

Easily check exact status of ads at any time.

Font Management module tracks every font, embedding the relevant font in the job.

Revisions palette shows complete revision history; users can revert to previous version if needed.

Work Log palette gathers detailed information about the type of work performed and time spent.

Profit and loss summaries calculate the cost of an ad and its financial impact.

Security ensured by user log-ins and user-group privilege levels.