MEI software streamlines and enhances digital production, saving time and money whether you’re publishing to paper, the web, or mobile.

Cross-Media Workflow

Without smart, versatile production scheduling and workflow systems, your editors and designers can’t take your content everywhere you want it to go – to print, to the Web, to tablet and to mobile. MEI’s editorial planning and workflow solutions make it possible for your talent to perform their magic better than ever before – extracting every bit of value from your content across multiple media.

vjoon K4vjoon K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform
K4 integrates Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy in a high-powered professional workflow system.

Digital Publishing Strategy

When you’re incorporating tablets like the iPad into your cross-media publishing strategy, it helps to have a familiar platform and a partner who understands everything about it. That’s why Twixl Publisher plus MEI consulting, training and integration is such a good deal.

te-iconTwixl Publisher Digital publishing solution including a plug-in for Adobe InDesign that allows you to create, build and distribute interactive apps for mobile devices.

Planning and Production

MEI’s Page Director products are simply the best full-featured products for ad layout. ALS (Ad Layout System) and CLS (Classified Layout System) simplify and streamline the ad-layout process, working with your front-end booking tools and back-shop production system. MEI also offers AdForce for easy drag-and-drop dummying.

als-iconPage Director ALS
Used at more publications worldwide than any other automated issue planning and ad layout solution.

A cost-effective ad layout system for small- to mid-size publications, AdForce lets users quickly build ad pages with drag-and-drop or semi-automated flow tools.
alsm-iconALS for Magazines
ALS for Magazines is MEI’s automated ad layout solution built specifically with magazines in mind, with added features for editing forms and inserts

Plug-ins and XTs
Fido and FiFi quickly sniff out and place missing ads and graphics. Split & Folio streamlines folio placement and dividing documents for production.

Ad Production

MEI’s renowned AdTrac solution, now rearchitected with the newest technology, will manage any kind of ads you’re building. Teamed with ALS and InDesign through the IPS Layout Server, it’s part of the Integrated Production Suite, MEI’s powerful solution for ad production across an entire enterprise.

AdTrac empowers your entire organization — ad builders, production managers, sales reps and paginators.
ips-iconIntegrated Production Suite
IPS creates a powerful, collaborative, enterprise-wide database environment for ad planning and production.