Portico 2.11.0 is Available


MEI is excited to announce that Portico version 2.11.0 is now available! This newest version of Portico includes three new valuable features to boost any Adobe DPS storefront:

3rd Party Analytics Integration

Portico now allows for 3rd party analytics integration, meaning that your company can track storefront events in web analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Adobe Omniture. The Portico storefront can allow events to be recorded to your analytics dashboard, including:

  • Reporting on successful loading of application and interstitial pages.
  • Confirming user authentication, logout, and the method used.
  • Monitoring which menus users are navigating to and what they are searching.
  • Tracking which content users are viewing, updating, downloading.

Self Registration

Portico provides a new registration service comprised of custom registration codes associated to content groups in your application. Simply distribute a registration code to your specific audience and present a web-based registration form to submit the account request to Portico. Portico creates the user account and grants access to the restricted content your users need.

View Portico Storefront in Desktop Browsers

This new feature will empower you to expand the reach of your custom Portico storefront. All Portico storefront features are now available in desktop web browsers. This feature is optimized for Safari, Chrome, IE 10/11, and Microsoft Edge.

Interested in learning more about MEI Portico? Check out our product page and see our gallery for examples of how other major companies have benefitted from using Portico.

Please contact MEI if you’d like to use Portico to enhance the storefront of your DPS app.