Plug-ins and XTs

Plug-ins and XTs

Extend the features and functionality of MEI ad layout software with Plug-ins for InDesign and XTensions for QuarkXPress.

AdImport Plug-in and XT

After you build the ALS, AdForce or ALS for Magazines issue and place the ads, it’s easy to generate production files with the Ad Import Plug-in for InDesign and the AdImport XT for QuarkXPress. Ad Import lets you open ALS, AdForce or ALS for Magazines layouts as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress pages, complete with page information, ad placements and links. Ad images are also displayed if the associated graphics are available.

AdImport Plug-in is available for InDesign versions CS6 through CC 2019 and for QuarkXPress versions 6.5 through 10.2

Fido Plug-in and FiFi XT

Our Find File Links Plug-in and XTension (which we affectionately call Fido Plug-in and FiFi XT) quickly establish file-path information so missing or late ads can be easily updated in production files.

Fido and FiFi sniff out files that weren’t available when the Page Director ALS/CLS, ALS for Magazines, AdForce or ClassForce layouts were opened in InDesign or QuarkXPress, eliminating the need to manually link those last ad boxes to their appropriate files.

No more tedious hunting through volumes and folders to find out whether the ad graphic is available — just give Fido or FiFi a starting point on your network, and they automatically hunt down each ad and attach the correct file path.

Split & Folio

Got a department full of layout designers and only one document? Divvy up the pages of your layout document with Split & Folio and let everybody get to work.

Split & Folio preserves the information of the original InDesign or QuarkXPress document while letting you deal out single pages or page ranges. Just open the original and click the Split & Folio “Save as Pages” option under the File menu. You’ll be prompted enter the page range, and whether to save a document for each page or a single document with multiple pages. The new documents retain the properties of the original, including all the attributes inherited from ALS, CLS, AdForce or ClassForce, such as ad placements, file links, page labels and folios.

Split & Folio is available for InDesign CS6 through CC 2019 and QuarkXPress 6.5-8.5.

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