MEI and Oplytic Offer Influential Analytics to Adobe DPS Storefronts

Jenkintown, PA (March 5, 2015) – Managing Editor Inc. (MEI) announced today a partnership with Oplytic, a mobile analytics and engagement enterprise software platform. This partnership allows any user of Portico to track how customers discover and interact with content, as well as improve engagement and interaction for their applications.

“This partnership allows our clients to measure marketing effectiveness, take action, and increase engagement with their app users,” said Mark Leister, SVP of business development at MEI.

The benefits of this partnership are clear: Anyone who couples Portico with Oplytic for their DPS storefront can measure the effectiveness of their mobile message across all major channels. In addition, the analytics can be used to reduce application abandonment and proactively drive and maintain usage through compelling features designed to attract and engage the user. Marketing can be completely optimized and clients can focus on spending time and money on processes that are proven to succeed. All Oplytic integration is pre-built, so any Portico customer who has an Oplytic license will be able to get started with ease.

Oplytic software has a proven track record of success, as it is the chosen software of six of the top publishers in the United States and Europe and several recognizable organizations such as AAA, AARP, Deakin University, and Amway.

Harris Publications, a multi-title publisher with over 70 brands, 40 live apps and 20 custom storefronts is the first client to take advantage of the integrated solution. Kim Shay, MEI client and executive director of digital and mobile publishing at Harris Publications, said, “We’re excited to have a best-in-class custom storefront solution like MEI Portico™ in conjunction with enterprise-class analytics and engagement software from Oplytic. When we began looking at the next phase of our digital roadmap, we recognized both MEI and Oplytic were capable of meeting our needs and shared our excitement to do something revolutionary in this ever-changing space; integrating the products just made sense. We all wanted to make this idea a reality. ”
To get started with MEI Portico or see a demonstration of Oplytic, contact your MEI representative for more information or sign up today for a demo.

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About Oplytic
Located in Chicago, Illinois, Oplytic provides marketing analytics, enablement, and optimization solutions that can help improve the effectiveness of sales and marketing campaigns. Oplytic supports its customers by helping them analyze their marketing and communication efforts and using innovative tactics to engage users and drive usage. Visit Oplytic at or contact them at