Introduction to TruEdit

See how TruEdit can help you empower your creative team to produce multi-channel content with collaboration in the cloud.


TruEdit Integration with Slack

This short video shows you how you can integrate Slack into your TruEdit workflow so you can have the best of both worlds.

TruEdit Integration with Teamwork

Watch this short clip to see how Teamwork and TruEdit can work together to improve your workflow.

TruEdit Overview and Dashboard (Webinar)

This desktop application provides a birdseye view of your realtime print production status for an issue, project or publication.

TruEdit Integrations (Webinar)

TruEdit Overview provides a display of InDesign pages for a specific issue, project or publication managed in TruEdit.

More TruEdit Videos

Link to the full library of TruEdit videos including webinars, integrations and instructional videos.

Twixl Publisher

Overview of Twixl Publisher

For those seeking a cost-effect solution for publishing print, web, and mobile content, Twixl Publisher has arrived. Twixl Publisher works directly with InDesign, HTML and PDFs – allowing you to create apps exactly how you want them to be.

HTML Authoring for Twixl Publisher

See how TruAuthor can be used to generate responsive HTML content which is then uploaded into an app built with Twixl Publisher.


MEI Portico for a Tailored App Experience

See how MEI Portico™ can help you create a unique experience for your mobile app users.

TCS & Starquest App, Powered by MEI Portico

TCS Expeditions worked with MEI and its creative team, Nervous Pixel, to produce a redesigned app experience with tailored, interactive content using MEI Portico™.

vjoon K4

Approval Management Made Easy in vjoon K4 v7

Enable executives, marketing directors, purchasers and the like to review layouts and content to determine if they meet specifications and their expectations.

vjoon Storage Engine

With the K4 Publishing System version 7, vjoon offers a new configuration option—vjoon Storage Engine— that stores binary content files in a managed file system instead of in a K4 database, with automatic snapshots taken of the data.

AdForce Ad Layout System

AdForce Webinar – Energize your ad production

Cost-effective, easy-to-use advertising layout and issue management software for small- to mid-size publications. AdForce users can quickly build ad pages using drag-and-drop or semi-automated flow tools. Finished sections can be opened in Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress for pagination.