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Yards on the iPad: An Extra-Special Opportunity for MEI and Adobe DPS

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When we decided to build an iPad app to show off to our customers and to work on our chops with Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite, we partnered up with Yards Brewing Company, local heroes of the craft-beer scene. It was sort of a no-brainer — Yards was already hip to web, mobile and social networking possibilities. They liked the idea of an iPad app to tell the story of the brewery. And, well, we like beer.

We discussed the project with the client before starting and during development.We brainstormed what we wanted the app to deliver.MEI’s team of designers and writers, plus a slew of freelancers, sorted
out the details and got down to work.
As the package progressed, we dived into the Adobe technology to put it all together.

The results

Yards liked it, Adobe liked it and, ta-da! Apple liked it. Now you can like it, too. Download the free Yards Brewing app to your iPad by visiting the iTunes store.