Success Stories

Specialized Scripting Simplifies Multi-Channel Publishing at Institutional Investor

The client

Institutional Investor is a leading business-to-business publisher that focuses primarily on international finance. Based in New York City, II produces magazines, newsletters and journals as well as directories, books and maps.

The challenge

In 2010, II approached MEI to help streamline and automate the process of getting print content out of its vjoon K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform database and into its content management system to be published online. Under II’s old setup, users had to work directly within the CMS, copying and pasting “finished” content from vjoon K4 and then manually reapplying styles (adding bold or italic tags, for example), creating hyperlinks and updating metadata. II staff wanted to use its industry-leading vjoon K4 system to edit and refine web content, so it needed a solution that would automatically pull that content out when it was ready, push it along in a CMS-compatible format — complete with tagging and related data — reinterpret it and post it online.

The solution

First, MEI had to come up with an automated method for transforming II’s editorial content for the CMS. MEI worked with II to come up with a standardized tag set for InCopy text that could easily be remapped. Then JavaScripts were developed to automatically format hyperlinks and map them for CMS ingestion. Now, once all of II’s web content is tagged and ready, a status trigger extracts it from the vjoon K4 database and sends it along in the workflow using the K4 XML Exporter add-on. XSLTs then process that XML output and generate CMS-ready XHTML files.

To complete the process, this content is brought into the CMS and laid out for the web. To handle this, MEI developed a Java application that interprets and transforms the content output by the XML Exporter and XSLTs, and then processes and ingests it into the CMS, where it can be posted online. Finally, the system communicates back to vjoon K4, ensuring that custom metadata field values for authors and categories are synchronized between the linked systems.