Success Stories

K4 Helps Atlantic Media on a Global Scale

Atlantic Media produces three highly regarded political publications: The Atlantic, National Journal and Government Executive. The publisher currently uses K4 to manage editorial and design for The Atlantic, an influential and recognized monthly magazine that has covered foreign affairs, politics, the economy and cultural trends for more than 150 years. The Atlantic has a subscription base of about 400,000.

The Atlantic’s K4 setup includes about 60 seats, and it is one of many systems that have recently been upgraded to version 5.9 and Adobe Creative Suite 3. A K4 customer since 2005, Atlantic Media is planning to extend the software to manage other titles very soon.

A unique aspect of The Atlantic’s configuration involves James Fallows, one of the magazine’s most prominently featured reporters, who has contributed from cities all over the world in his more than 25 years at the magazine. Fallows, currently based out of Beijing, is able to use The Atlantic’s K4 system via a remote setup. From the other side of the globe, he can access the database and collaborate with editors, page designers and more — thanks to K4.

The Atlantic also uses the powerful K4 XML Exporter for managing content to publish online. Currently, production staff prepares content in K4 and exports it as XML into a content management system. From there, it is picked up by web staff and repurposed for online publishing. Atlantic Media has already begun to upgrade that system to a more automated one, as well as implement a K4-based workflow for National Journal, its popular weekly magazine covering politics and government.

“K4 enables us to work with maximum speed and efficiency, whether we’re in the office or on another continent. I’m impressed by the ease with which it can be customized to meet our users’ needs.”

Maria Streshinsky
Deputy Managing Editor, The Atlantic