Success Stories

Access Intelligence Manages Multiple Titles with K4

Located about 20 miles north of Washington, D.C., Access Intelligence is a unique member of the K4 community, using the system to manage more than 20 titles. A leading worldwide information and marketing company, Access Intelligence provides business intelligence and integrated marketing solutions to nearly a dozen global industries, including aviation, defense, satellite, energy and more.

Access Intelligence’s K4 portfolio includes a variety of trade magazines, data products and newsletters, all with varying production schedules — some daily, some weekly, some monthly, some quarterly. While the company’s design and production teams are based in its Rockville, Md. headquarters and its New York City office, many of its reporters contribute from the field, from nearby sites such as the Pentagon or Congress and from locations all over the globe. Despite this geographic diversity, K4 allows the editorial team to work directly on stories after they are poured into layouts, no matter where they are.

With K4, Access Intelligence has been able to produce more efficiently by shortening production cycles, cutting down on review time using K4’s powerful HTML-based overview tool, and sharing production resources across multiple newsletters. Like many other K4 sites, Access Intelligence utilizes the K4 XML Exporter to pull content from K4 to its publications’ various websites.

“K4 has made it much easier for us to create our publications using resources in different locations.”

Rob Paciorek
CIO, Access Intelligence