Honeywell: Success With MEI Portico and Adobe DPS

Every once and a while, a project comes along that is really exciting. MEI’s diverse customer base is interesting enough to work with, but sometimes there’s added excitement provided by a new use case for our products or because of the rapid turnaround time dictated by an upcoming customer event. There is nothing more challenging than agreeing to a schedule that you know is aggressive and filled with variables beyond your control.
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The Power of Choice

Today is an exciting day for MEI and, more importantly, for our customers.

For 25 years, we have made it our mission to give customers a choice of best-of-breed solutions – whether that is in the area of workflow, publishing or ad planning.

There are no “technological cul-de-sacs” when you partner with MEI. No matter which solution you choose, MEI will support and train your team with all that our decades of experience bring to bear.

Dennis McGuire, Roel-Jan Mouw, Mark Leister, Glen Graessley

Today, the power of choice just got even more powerful.
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A Vote of Confidence For Integrated Media Planner

The Enthusiast Network
How do you know when your software platform is helping solve business critical problems?

How about when a business decides to keep using it for seven more years? (Which isn’t something you see very often given that most cloud-based platforms are licensed annually.)

That’s exactly what happened when TEN: The Enthusiast Network, publisher of titles such as Motor Trend and SURFING Magazine, decided to keep using the Integrated Media Planner platform as their end-to-end content workflow solution. (Big congrats to our partner HIPZONE on the extension.)
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MEI Portico Integration with Salesforce

Salespeople, you’ve been through this, right? You deliver a knockout presentation , and then you have to go file an accurate record in your customer relationship management software. And that’s when details start to get a little sketchy.

Do you ever wish your presentations could talk to your CRM system to tell it what just happened? Don’t you just wish the CRM system would be able access a “recording” of the session so you don’t have to enter every action or try to recall what just happened? If this recording was available and it could talk to your CRM, the technology would absolutely save you time and effort, and the agony of trying to retrace past conversations and actions during a second or third interaction with the prospect.

We’ve now reached the point where this scenario will soon become a reality – thanks to the integration of Portico with Salesforce.
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How Workplace Chaos Kills Our Productivity

How Work Isn't Working Infographic

Modern companies suffer from modern problems. Some of these issues aren’t obviously linked to our job descriptions, but they exist all the same.

The problem is how we work.

We spend way too much time looking for files, emails and reports — before being able to process it all and decide the best course of action. So just getting started on the job is a challenge.

Additionally, team collaboration — a linchpin to productivity — faces its own external pressures. Teams have to learn how to work together in the face of a constant barrage of emails, tweets, voicemails, texts, meetings, and chat windows.
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