Post-Pro Pub Summit Recap [PHOTOS]

This year’s Pro Pub Summit was a smashing success. Thanks go out to all the speakers and attendees — we (quite literally) couldn’t have done it without you. We took your feedback from summits of yesteryear to deliver a great day full of informative, immersive digital publishing insight. For those who couldn’t be there, we want to share some highlights (and photos, of course).

Please click above to see a gallery of photos from the event.

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Visit MEI at MediaNext for the Latest In App and Digital Publishing

In just a matter of days, MEI will be set up at booth 109 at the Folio: MediaNext Conference, which runs from October 28 to 30 in New York City.

We look forward to this event every year because we get to rub elbows with the best of the best publishers from every industry imaginable: news, magazines, corporate, higher education, Web resources and more.
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Human Rights Campaign releases Equality Magazine iPad app


New tablet iPad app built by Nervous Pixel using Adobe DPS

Today, the Human Rights Campaign celebrates the 25th anniversary of National Coming Out Day and we at MEI are happy to share in the excitement by announcing the newly released tablet app edition of HRC’s Equality Magazine. The app marks their first digital publication designed for the tablet and officially hit the App Store yesterday.

Nervous Pixel, MEI’s creative team, created the app using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite™ (DPS) from the print version of Equality Magazine and enhanced the digital publication for the tablet with interactive, tappable features.

“The mission of HRC’s flagship publication Equality Magazine is to report and share developments that affect our members and supporters, as well as people of all backgrounds and beliefs,” said Anastasia Khoo, HRC’s marketing director who oversees Equality Magazine.

For the official word, check out our press release and download the app from the iTunes App Store.

China Vogue Adopts vjoon K4

Condè Nast International title creates multi-channel workflow to print and tablet with vjoon K4 and Adobe DPS

Congratulations go to Vogue China on the successful publication of the first print and tablet editions produced using the vjoon K4® Cross-Media Publishing Platform. MEI Support Specialists managed the entire engagement, including system installation and configuration, user training, and coordination of technical support. With K4 successfully in use at Vogue, Condè Nast China plans to bring other publications into the system to produce their print editions and their tablet content using the Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite™ (DPS).

The K4 installation is part of an agreement between MEI and Condé Nast International (CNI) that allows its publications, including Vogue China, to adopt the powerful cross-media workflow-management system.

The K4 system manages Adobe InDesign® and InCopy workflows for publishing group users, and automates print production as well as outputs to other channels like tablet and mobile using its integration with Adobe DPS.

Condé Nast’s U.S. publishing group has been using K4 across more than 20 publications since 2004, when the company moved to InDesign. In 2011, Condé Nast UK began looking for software that would allow it to maintain an efficient, managed cross-media workflow that aligned with the U.S. group’s practices in a similar way. After a six-month assessment across all markets, CNI chose K4 and MEI’s professional services as their workflow solution.

Download the app on the iTunes App Store here:

Boost Medical Device Sales with Secure Apps

Tablets empower sales teams using internal, restricted app distribution

The medical device field is one that’s on the move thanks to our aging population and our longer life expectancies. As the industry grows, many of these companies have come to the similar conclusion that sales are the first frontier to success—and tablet apps are the tools that set the standard out in the field.

Here at MEI, we’ve helped medical device companies optimize their sales enablement with custom-built apps powered by Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite™ (DPS). These Adobe DPS apps contain product descriptions and videos, procedure details, internal sales documentation and other utilities to assist sales agents out in the field, away from their desks.

Anyone acquainted with the healthcare industry knows that information is sensitive and requires discretion when sharing. To answer the issue of distributing a wide variety of consistent content to the right audiences, MEI provides internally distributed apps, as well as restricted distribution apps:

  • Internally distributed apps are created in Adobe DPS and delivered to individual sales team members as private download links. These app links can be sent to contract sales agents that join teams remotely, as well. The same app content is shared between all app viewers and app updates will push new content, ensuring that your team is always on top of the latest news and FDA documentation. And because the app is distributed internally, there’s no need to send the app to iTunes or other app marketplaces.
  • Restricted distribution apps, also created using Adobe DPS, require users to download from iTunes or other app marketplaces and log into the app to access relevant content based on their authentication privileges. This means one app can have multiple experiences: a public-facing app with general company information and an app view that has restricted, specific content only accessible to those with proper log in credentials.

Delivering content regarding medical devices through potentially insecure avenues, like email or a website, can lead to issues when companies need to re-distribute accurate documentation to their sales teams on an ongoing basis. With internal and restricted distribution apps, these companies can consistently share up-to-date information with their sales teams while complying with strictly enforced and constantly evolving federal regulations.

Adobe DPS works right in InDesign®, making app creation a natural next step for companies already acquainted with Adobe’s Creative Suite. DPS also makes repurposing and adding interactivity to existing, approved content a seamless transition, eliminating the arduous chain of legal approvals and sign-offs. And MEI is the industry’s leading sales partner of Adobe DPS Enterprise and comes equipped with a creative team, Nervous Pixel, ready to train you in app production best practices—or even build your app from the ground up.

However you choose to empower your team, sharing secure access to interactive sales tools has never been easier with help from MEI and Adobe DPS.