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Get straight A’s in all university initiatives with a smart digital publishing solution

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Capture and retain the right recruits
Engage potential students through the digital avenues they already know and trust with viewbook iPad apps to supplement or replace the print edition. Digital viewbooks enhance the admissions process by providing more engaging content to attract recruits, like interactive campus maps and stories from current students in their field. Using embedded analytics and usage tracking, recruiters have the power to see what is important to its viewers and use that data to deliver content to audiences best aligned with your school.

Engage viewers — Go beyond the flat brochure with interactivity like videos, audio, multimedia slideshows and more.
Get social — Embed any feed you want, from Twitter and Instagram to the latest school news to keep readers immersed in the experience.
Illustrate campus life — Highlight everything from athletics to local culture and entertainment.
Share curriculums — Provide an in-depth look into offered courses and update throughout the semester.
Be green — Reduce dependency on printing and paper waste.
Save money — Cut your printing and mailing costs with digital-only distribution.
Follow trends — Gather and track usage of specific features to help shape and guide engagement.

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Create and foster loyalty among alumni
Don’t limit your outreach to just a mailing address. Deliver the success stories that inspire and influence your potential recruits and alumni in the form of video and interactive elements, and encourage sharing through every digital platform imaginable — mobile, tablet, web and more. Build upon the robust network of recent and legacy graduates with a digitally-published alumni magazine.

Optimize fundraising — Studies show that schools with digital alumni publications have the most volunteers and receive the highest monetary donations.
Reduce costs — Eliminate publishing and distribution costs with a digital release.
Spotlight achievements — Highlight the success of graduates in their fields.
Advertise events — Promote alumni events across the country and world.
Support eco-initiatives — Lower your carbon footprint by pivoting from print to digital.


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Rally school spirit on and off campus
Give full access to insider athletics, including player and coach bios, season stats, ticketing information, exclusive video and multimedia interactivity and more. Relive unforgettable moments and highlight current playmakers, as well. Keep fans outfitted in their favorite team merchandise on the go. Embed RSS and Twitter feeds to promote match-ups and keep your network in the know. Reach out to recruits without ruffling the feathers of the NCAA and tip your hat to sponsors of your programs.

Foster fan base — Archive memorable games and update with new milestones.
Recruit players — Stay connected to potential players through app-enabled communications.
Gear up — Show and sell school merchandise within the branded app experience.
Attract advertisers — Promote businesses to the most engaged viewers with attractive ad opportunities.
Share stats — Include multimedia like game day video streams and interactive roster stats.
Keep score — Embed RSS and Twitter feeds to keep non-ticket holders in the game.

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Elevate educational outreach for students and faculty
Learning happens all the time, not just in the classroom. Create a digital avenue of course information to attract the right audience, complete with analytics measuring student engagement. Broaden the student-teacher relationship and enrich the learning experience with links to connect via social media. Unify all of your digital offerings with a branded, central gateway to apps using MEI Portico™. Build secure entryways for specialized groups, like business schools or faculty department groups, and push new updates anytime.

Enhance course offerings — Pack class descriptions with multimedia and connect peers to professors.
Track progress — Gather data on user engagement to follow individual activity within the app.
Brand and unite — Create a central hub for all campus apps with Portico.
Restrict content — Grant access to specific departments or schools for secure sharing.
Break news — Promote campus events and post updates to students.

Unify and brand your school app with MEI Portico

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Secure the support you need to succeed with your story
Do more to ensure that your mission to advance school initiatives will be successful with a tablet case statement. A tablet-based visual representation of your campaign can illustrate how the funds will be used in a medium that is fast becoming the gold standard of communication — from new building construction plans and in-depth scholarship recipient bios to descriptive infographics of how the money will be distributed by departments and schools — it has never been easier to share with all of your influential and potential donors.

Tailored data — Customize the plan based on your audience.
Enrich experiences — Add multimedia and interactive content to enliven your presentation.
Streamline donations — Viewers can give while they directly engage with your content.
Share easily — Allow readers to effortlessly download and share the app, broadening your reach.

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