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Rolling Stone’s Beatles App Hits Store with
a Little Help from MEI

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Funny Or Die Expands its Comedy Empire
with Technical Assistance from MEI

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MEI Collaborates with Reader's Digest
to Create First iPad Issue


MEI Helps University of Alabama
Roll Out Enhanced iPad App Before Big Game


MEI Helps Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Revamp iPad App

ISTE 2012

MEI Builds Interactive iPad Program
Book for ISTE Conference

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Design Development

Give us your specs — we'll make you templates and style guides.
Ease into tablet production by booking MEI's creative team to build InDesign templates to your specifications. This service includes the development of style guides and interactivity treatments. MEI can also provide recommendations for the types of interactivity that would fit best with your content and style.

Prototype Workshops

Fine-tune your tablet elements with an MEI Solutions Specialist.
Have your creative people polish their tablet content (including interactive features) under the watchful eye of an MEI Solutions Specialist. This hands-on workshop can accelerate prototype development or allow your designers to expand and solidify their understanding of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite creative tools.

Editorial Concepting

Brainstorm the kinds of interactivity that will work with your content.
Get a head start by working out how your content will transition from print to tablet. MEI’s creative professionals can guide you on the types of interactivity that will complement and enhance your content and point you to relevant examples already in use by other publishers.

Interactive Development

Let MEI build you a library of reusable features.

MEI’s creative team can design and develop InDesign-based interactive elements using your specifications, helping you compile a library of items that can be reused and repurposed over and over again.

HTML Development

Our tablet-publishing pros do HTML overlays and stacks, too.
That's why we're so pumped about Adobe's SiteCatalyst. A basic version of the analytics software, powered by Omniture, is included in the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite so you can get tracking right away. The full SiteCatalyst suite is available by subscription for all your digital publications. Either way, we're Adobe-certified to help you get the most out of your data.

InDesign Production

Tap MEI to generate complete folio files.
Lighten the load for your house staff by signing up MEI’s creative team to build production-ready folio files for anything from single articles to an entire issue in InDesign.

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