MEI - Fall Webinar Series
Cross Media Publishing Webinar Series

October 3 @ 2 pm ET

vjoon K4 and the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Learn how a K4 workflow can simplify and automate your multi-channel design process.
In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Manage the production of multiple editions in a streamlined manner
  • Turbo-charge Adobe CS6’s Liquid Layout with K4-driven automations
  • Automatically generate HTML that can be incorporated in your DPS editions
  • Generate folio files automatically via the K4-integrated InDesign Server and perform
    server-side uploads to the DPS Folio Producer Service

October 10 @ 2 pm ET

Print. Web. Tablet. Mobile. Email. Syndication.
All with one process.

Learn how K4 an provide a single-interface to editorial content regardless of your destination.:

  • Streamline content development by centrally managing the workflow regardless of destination.
  • Create structured content in a user-friendly fashion.
  • Create content packages to deliver the right media to the right destination
  • Integrate digital-only content into the same robust workflow and automation toolset.
  • Automatically package content to formats used by your content delivery platforms (PDF, XML, HTML, etc.)

October 24 @ 2 pm ET

Enable External Contributors to your Editorial
and Design process

Learn how K4 enables publishers to integrate their external workforce with their internal teams to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

  • Enable external content authors to create new content and work with documents in progress in a format that integrates with the internal production processes
  • Enable Photo and Video editors to manage their elements of the overall content package
  • Seamlessly integrate multiple offices into a single content development platform

October 31 @ 2 pm ET

Integrate your publishing and business data

Learn how K4 can consume and share information with your other business systems.

  • Dynamically link your data to your pages so that changes are reflected automatically
  • Automatically ingest and refine content for use in a new product
  • Extract and deliver content needed by downstream systems
  • Create a seamless connection between your work in progress and your content archives.